Start-Ups help us create lasting value for the AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance.

The AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance acts both as a financial investor and as a supporting cooperation partner. In addition to traditional financing, the start-ups also benefit from the global network and the entrepreneurial and technical know-how of the alliance partners involved. The alliance partners, in turn, can profitably bring the innovative strength and speed of the start-ups into their companies. With the common goal of promoting new technologies for future food production in an economically successful and impact-oriented merger.

AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance Investments

What drives us

Our mission is to promote sustainable good food solutions for a livable future by investing in innovative AgriFood startups that prioritize environmental conservation, economic viability, and societal impact. Through strategic partnerships and guided by United Nations sustainability goals, we aim to drive positive change in the food industry while delivering measurable returns for our stakeholders.

AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance Innovation Focus

Our investment focus

AgTech / BioTech: Innovations to make food production more efficient and sustainable

FoodTech: New uses of plant proteins in human nutrition as well as healthy nutrition and food safety

Circular Economy: Upcycling side streams and reducing food waste as well as biodegradable and recyclable materials

Automation & Digitalization: Creating transparency within the AgriFood supply chain, automation through robotics, AI and predictive analytics & maintenance

AgroFoodTech Venture Alliance Partnerships

AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance as Cooperation Partners

With AgriFoodTech Venture Alliance as partners, we promote innovation through collaboration and make it possible for Start-Ups to share new technologies with BayWa, Multivac and Bindewald and Gutting business divisions. Start-Ups receive access to theirs operating business, which helps them make a name for themselves among our industry networks, markets and customers. The partnership ranges from brainstorming and discussing ideas together to testing, pilot projects, product and service development and sales cooperation.



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