Start-Ups help us create lasting value for the BayWa Group.

BayWa Venture GmbH is BayWa’s open innovation platform. Its goal is to find and roll out new business models for the company and its affiliates that make a lasting, measurable difference through two successful programmes: BayWa Venture Investments and BayWa Venture Start-Up Partnerships.

BayWa Venture Investments

BayWa Venture Investments

BayWa Venture Investments is the venture arm of the BayWa Group. It invests globally in Start-Ups that provide solutions for meeting the customer needs of tomorrow. To do so, we invest corporate venture capital in strategically relevant innovations and technologies. Our goal is to foster the development of each Start-Up and generate positive returns in the later phase of the successful Start-Up journey by acquiring a minority stake.

BayWa Venture Partnerships

BayWa Venture Partnerships

With BayWa Venture Partnerships, we promote innovation through collaboration and make it possible for Start-Ups to share new technologies with BayWa’s business divisions. Start-Ups receive access to BayWa’s operating business, which helps them make a name for themselves among our industry networks, markets and customers. The partnership ranges from brainstorming and discussing ideas together to testing, pilot projects, product and service development and sales cooperation.

BayWa Venture innovation focus

BayWa is a broadly diversified, internationally operating group of companies with products, solutions and service offerings in the fields of energy, agriculture and building materials. BayWa Venture focuses primarily on solutions for a sustainable food supply chain. Due to the wide range of potential responses, BayWa divides the food supply chain into the following seven relevant drivers of innovation: 

– Alternative agricultural inputs (bioeffectors, biopesticides, biofertilizers)
– New agricultural technology (drones, robotics and sensors)
– New products (focus on upcycling and recycling existing flows of goods) 
– Precision agriculture (data analysis and operating software)
– New forms of sales and customer interaction (focus on automating and digitalising sales promotion processes) 
– Transparent and secure supply chains
– New sources of protein (plants, insects, algae and cell-based, as well as fermentation-based production) 

All drivers of innovation are relevant to us when it comes to working with Start-Ups. In our investments, we focus on biotechnology with applications in the fields of alternative operating resources and proteins.


We enable collaboration and innovation. The Start-Ups and BayWa’s business divisions are the ones who make the headlines.